Thursday, November 11, 2004

K-Wise Deployer

K-Wise Deployer

I had a superb demo today of the K-Wise Deployer ... this provides a powerful content migration solution for SharePoint 2003 product and Technologies. It constitutes a stand-alone application designed for the rapid content migration from multiple sources.

The K-Wise Deployer is an accelerator for the design, modeling, construction and content migration stages of SharePoint. It provides:

  • Migration from:

    • SharePoint 2001

    • File Shares

    • Exchange Public Folders

    • Hummingbird

    • Hyperwave

    • Lotus Notes

    • other sources

  • Mapping and analysis of content sources

  • Metadata Editor, extraction of properties and flexible mapping into Columns

  • A graphical interface supports rapid creation of SharePoint Server
    structure: Sites, Areas, Libraries and Folders

  • Bulk and Batch check-in of documents

  • Taxonomy management tool


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