Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New IBF Goodies

New IBF Goodies

Duplicating Jan's posting of yesterday. It shows how IBF is to grow and get more mature in the next coming months.

Just released on the MSDN Dowload site (get it here); a nice set of tools to help you with IBF development!

  • WSDL to Metadata tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_WSDL1.0.exe)
  • PReg tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_EPReg1.0.exe)
  • Cache tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_Cache1.0.exe)
  • DSReg tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_DSReg1.0.exe)
  • A set of common components (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Commons1.0.exe)
  • Goup Policy ADM File (MOIBF1.0_Reskit_Tools_GroupPolicy1.0.exe))
  • Visio Metadata Explorer (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_VisioMDExplorer1.0.exe))
  • WSE 2.0 Adapter (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_WSE20Adapter1.0.exe))
  • Unit Testing Smart Tags Tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_SmartTagUnitTest1.0.exe))
  • Metadata Debugging tool (MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Tools_MDDebugTool1.0.exe))

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