Tuesday, November 23, 2004

100K project problems

100K project problems

To leave aside patents for a moment, if you're having problems with large (>100K lines of code) projects in VB, this KB article might help. The problem is fixed in VB 2005, but if you're using VB 2002/2003, there is a hotfix for it. Thanks to Eric Harrison for publicizing the problem!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

InfoPath - Hands on Lab Manuals - Posted

Hands on Lab Manuals - Posted

I wanted to thank everyone that attended the recent Hands on Lab sessions that we help for InfoPath. As promised here are the lab manuals that you can download from here.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Checklist for Testing SharePoint Web Parts

Checklist for Testing SharePoint Web Parts

Use this checklist to assist with deployment and maintenance of your Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Parts.

Good Point...

Good Point...

"Programming is like sex: One mistake and you support it a lifetime"

more presentation tips

more presentation tips

Scott Hanselman (who does a LOT of presentations) adds some more presentation tips here.

It reminded me that I wanted to share one I learned from Paul Litwin while I was at DevConnections.

How to avoid showing ugly powerpoint IDE.
Since I have all of my shortcuts on my desktop, I would have to stop PowerPoint, minimize it and go to the shortcut I need.  (this reminds me - I hate when someone does that and you can see their speaker notes. It always makes me think someone else wrote the content and they are not the expert.) Normally, I have all of my vs.net projects running and I just alttab between them. But in this case I was running whidbey demos and did not want to chance having multiple instances running on a box with only 512MB RAM. So I had to get to the desktop and you can't alt-tab to desktop icons. Paul suggested this great idea. Create a folder on the desktop and have that open. Then you can alt-tab to the folder and click on your shortcuts without having to stop the powerpoint. I still sometimes just stop the powerpoint - that's a habit to break.

I think there was something else he taught me that was new for me, but I have to remember which it was.

Another one hard learned from me
If you are having trouble sleeping the night before a morning presentation and you have to take something to help you sleep, make sure you take something that will do the trick! I took two Tylenol pms at 3:20 in the morning knowing I had to get up at 8am. Somehow I still did not sleep. So when I did get up, the Tylenols' basically had the effect of my feeling drugged which is a lot worse than being tired. And it did affect my presentation - just in some really stupid ways - which I am still really upset about. I'm really not someone who likes taking anything at all - I will suffer through a headache rather than take aspirin or go for something homeopathic than allapathic. But I think this is a good warning nonetheless!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Integration of Project Server 2003 & WSS with IBF

Integration of Project Server 2003 & WSS with IBF.


Here is the first solution that I have worked on that integrates Project Server 2003 and Windows sharepoint services with IBF. This solution is available freely for download at (http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/3/0/4301f026-044b-4272-8857-a705c294187e/MOIBF1.0_ResKit_Solutions_ProjectServer1.0.exe)

I am working on making enhancements to the solution. Keep watching this blog for more information on the solution.



Sunday, November 14, 2004

Live Communications Server 2005 Documents Available for Download

Live Communications Server 2005 Documents Available for Download

A number of new downloads are available for anybody going for the new Live Communications Server 2005:

  • Business Value of Presence
    This document describes the business value of presence within an organization and how this vital information has been integrated into the programs used by most information workers.
  • Active Directory Schema Extensions
    This download contains the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 XML Schema used to extend the Microsoft Active Directory directory service.
  • Release Notes 1.0
    This document contains the most up-to-date information for Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005. The release notes list important information you should know prior to deploying and using Live Communications Server 2005, including known issues.
  • Deployment Guide
    This document guides you through the deployment of a Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Standard Edition.
  • Feature Guide
    This document provides an overview of the features in Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and the features found in Microsoft Windows Messenger and Microsoft Office System programs, such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.
  • Instant Messaging Etiquette Guide
    This guide provides a set of guidelines and best practices to help you use instant messaging effectively in an enterprise context and to mitigate the risk of unwanted communications.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Guy Worth Hiring

A Guy Worth Hiring

This guy deserves a flood of job offers. Make yours good!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

K-Wise Deployer

K-Wise Deployer

I had a superb demo today of the K-Wise Deployer ... this provides a powerful content migration solution for SharePoint 2003 product and Technologies. It constitutes a stand-alone application designed for the rapid content migration from multiple sources.

The K-Wise Deployer is an accelerator for the design, modeling, construction and content migration stages of SharePoint. It provides:

  • Migration from:

    • SharePoint 2001

    • File Shares

    • Exchange Public Folders

    • Hummingbird

    • Hyperwave

    • Lotus Notes

    • other sources

  • Mapping and analysis of content sources

  • Metadata Editor, extraction of properties and flexible mapping into Columns

  • A graphical interface supports rapid creation of SharePoint Server
    structure: Sites, Areas, Libraries and Folders

  • Bulk and Batch check-in of documents

  • Taxonomy management tool


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